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1 de agosto de 2023 | 04:00

Discover the wonderful world of golf in Chile: a complete guide to make the most of this sport in the country!

Chile, a country known for its geographical diversity and rich culture, is also an ideal destination for golf lovers. With a wealth of high-quality golf courses, a favorable year-round climate and breathtaking landscapes, Chile is a paradise for those who enjoy the sport. In this article, we will explore the best golf courses in Chile, the most important tournaments and how to immerse yourself in the golf experience in the country. Get ready to make the most of this sport in Chile!

The best golf courses in Chile: a tour around the country

Golf in the Metropolitan Region: the capital of Chilean golf

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is home to several first-class golf courses. Among them, Los Leones Golf Club, Club de Golf Sport Francés and Club de Golf Mapocho stand out, all of them offering a unique experience to golfers, both for the quality of their facilities and the beauty of their surroundings.

Golf in the Valparaíso Region: courses with ocean views

The Valparaíso Region is another popular destination for golf lovers in Chile. The proximity to the ocean gives the region’s golf courses a special charm. Some of the highlights include the Granadilla Golf Club in Viña del Mar, the Zapallar Golf Club and the Rocas de Santo Domingo Golf Club. These courses combine challenging courses with breathtaking ocean views, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for golfers.

Golf in southern Chile: a paradise for nature lovers

Southern Chile is world-renowned for its spectacular landscapes and rich flora and fauna. The golf courses in this region are surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains and lakes, making them a true paradise for nature lovers. Some of the most outstanding golf courses in southern Chile include La Posada Golf Club in Concepción, Pucón Golf Club and Patagonia Virgin Golf Club in Frutillar.

Golf tournaments and competitions in Chile: experience the thrill of the sport

“El abierto de Chile” the most prestigious tournament in Chile

“El abierto de Chile” or “Chile Open”: is the most important and prestigious golf tournament in the country, and is part of the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica. This event attracts both national and international professional golfers and is held annually at one of the main golf courses in Santiago. The Chile Open is an excellent opportunity to witness world-class golf and enjoy the exciting atmosphere of competition.

Other regional tournaments and championships

In addition to the Chile Open, the country has a wide range of regional tournaments and championships held throughout the year at different golf courses. These events allow golfers of all levels to compete and enjoy the sport in a friendly and challenging environment. Check the tournament calendar at the Chilean Golf Federation for more information on scheduled events.

Golf lessons and golf training in Chile: improve your skills

Golf schools and academies: learn and improve your skills

If you are interested in learning golf or improving your game, Chile has several golf schools and academies that offer classes for golfers of all levels and ages. These institutions have experienced professionals who can help you develop your skills, improve your technique and better understand the strategy of the game. Some of the most recognized golf schools in the country include the Sport Francés Golf Academy in Santiago and the Patagonia Virgin Golf School in Frutillar.

Private lessons and personal trainers: individualized attention to improve your game

If you prefer more individualized attention, you can also opt to hire a personal golf coach. Many professionals offer private lessons at various golf courses throughout the country. This personalized approach will allow you to work on specific aspects of your game and advance your skills more quickly.

Golf equipment and golf stores in Chile: get everything you need

Specialized golf stores: find the perfect equipment

To get the most out of golf in Chile, you will need the right equipment. Fortunately, the country has several golf specialty stores that offer a wide range of clubs, balls, clothing and accessories from top brands. Some of the best-known stores include Golf Store Chile in Santiago and Golf Express in Viña del Mar.

Chile an incredible place to play golf

Chile is an exceptional destination for golf lovers, with a wide variety of high-quality courses, beautiful scenery and an active golfing community. From the capital, Santiago, to the stunning southern regions, the country offers a wide range of opportunities to enjoy the sport. Don’t wait any longer and start planning your next golf adventure in Chile!