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21 de agosto de 2023 | 19:07

Chile’s Best Vineyards: The Cradle of Latin American Wine

To think of Chile is to think of its vast mountain range, its cultural diversity, its culinary flavors, and of course, its wine. The Chilean wine industry has conquered the world with its exceptional quality and unique diversity of wines. In this article, we will take you on a virtual tour of Chile’s best vineyards to get to know the land and the people behind these acclaimed bottles.

Viña Concha y Toro: The Giant of Chilean Wine

We begin our journey at the renowned Concha y Toro vineyard, located in Pirque, south of Santiago. Founded in 1883, Concha y Toro is the largest wine producer in Latin America and one of the largest in the world.

What makes Concha y Toro special

The vineyard is located in the Maipo Valley, one of Chile’s oldest and most prestigious wine regions, known for its excellent red wines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon. But not everything is size at Concha y Toro. Over the years, they have demonstrated a constant commitment to quality and innovation, which has earned them worldwide recognition and awards.

Viña Santa Carolina: History and Tradition

In our second destination, we moved to Viña Santa Carolina. This winery, with more than 140 years of history, has distinguished itself for its commitment to quality and innovation, and for its contribution to the development of Chilean winemaking.

Santa Carolina’s heritage

With vineyards spread throughout Chile’s Central Valley, from the Maipo Valley to the Rapel Valley, Santa Carolina produces a wide range of wines, from accessible to premium. Each bottle of Santa Carolina is a reflection of its rich history and continued passion for making exceptional wines.

Viña Errázuriz: The Value of the Family

For our third destination, we head north to the Aconcagua Valley, where Viña Errázuriz is located. Founded in 1870 by Don Maximiano Errázuriz, this family winery has been at the forefront of quality viticulture in Chile.

Errázuriz and its unique approach

Viña Errázuriz is known for its focus on single origin wines, producing wines that faithfully express the character and identity of the Aconcagua Valley terroir. Their commitment to sustainability and respect for the land is reflected in every glass of wine they produce.

Montes Winery: The Perfect Fusion of Tradition and Innovation.

In the Colchagua region, known for its ideal Mediterranean climate for viticulture, we find Viña Montes. Inaugurated in 1988, this winery has been able to combine tradition with innovative techniques to produce wines of excellent quality and high international reputation.

Viña Montes, where nature is transformed into art

With an unwavering respect for the terroir and the environment, Montes has adopted sustainable agricultural practices and works hard to minimize its ecological footprint. Its philosophy is clear: to create exceptional wines in harmony with nature. In addition, the vineyard stands out for its Feng Shui designed cellar, where energy flows in a balanced way favoring the elaboration of its wines.

Matetic Vineyard: The Essence of Organic and Biodynamic

We now travel to the freshness of the Casablanca Valley to discover Viña Matetic. This family-owned winery has made a name for itself in the Chilean wine industry with its focus on organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Matetic’s distinctive approach

Its vineyards extend throughout the San Antonio and Casablanca Valleys, areas known for their cool climate, ideal for growing varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Matetic is recognized for its commitment to the environment and the creation of authentic and expressive wines.

Viña Almaviva: The Franco-Chilean Alliance

Last but not least, we returned to the Maipo region to visit Viña Almaviva. This winery is the product of an extraordinary alliance between two giants of the wine world: Chile’s Concha y Toro and France’s Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

Almaviva, a vineyard with French accents

Almaviva produces a single wine, under the same name, following traditional Bordeaux methods. Its wine, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère and Cabernet Franc, is one of the most sought after and appreciated wines worldwide.

A Toast to Chile’s Best Vineyards

Chile is a land of contrasts, from its landscape to its wine. Each vineyard we have mentioned in this article offers a unique experience, whether through its history, its commitment to quality, its respect for nature or its bold innovation.

So we invite you to explore Chile’s best vineyards, to savor their wines and to discover the richness and diversity of their terroir. After all, each bottle is a journey in itself, a way to get to know Chile and its people through the flavors and aromas of its extraordinary wines.